Jan McCarthy

Jan McCarthy

My instinct is to run away.

It always has been.

One of my earliest memories of running was when I was about six years old and we were living in a small suburb of Illinois. We had recently moved to the U.S. from Greece and my English language skills pretty much consisted of yes and no. And throwing up if you go too close and asked questions. It was a weekend and there was a small group of kids around my age playing with a ball just down the street from our apartment. I was out for my usual exploratory walk of the hood and was deep in my own head. I didn't notice them, but then BAM--I was right upon the group. I don't remember if anyone said anything, but what I do remember is that one of the kids held a ball with both hands close to his chest while examining me. He then tossed it in my direction. I ran as fast as I could away from them throwing up the whole time. Running and puking.

As I got older something in me started to awkwardly push me to stumble forward and say "Yes." So far things haven't been boring.

Click HERE to hear my conversation about getting started, my favorite piece of advice and coffee on Jan McCarthy's podcast with special guest Ed Baran from Baxter Manor. It was fun! I'm glad I said. "Yes."

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