Angelo Surmelis


Let’s just get this out right at the beginning…. I LOVE all things HOME. I have since I was a kid. At six, I started dragging furniture around my parent’s small Chicago apartment in order to change things up, since leaning and pushing on the walls didn’t seem to work. At nine, I was using my paper-route money to buy wallpaper, molding and a saw. That later would become a chair rail and mallard duck wallpaper in my bedroom. Don’t ask. It was my country-kitchen phase — in my bedroom.

A design geek was born.

It’s safe to say that I have never stopped creating, drawing, designing, building, and wallpapering.

I truly believe that the way you feel about your home and your space can change your life. I’ve watched it happen for countless families across the country and I’ve seen it in my own life. 

Along the way in my orbit of design, I spent many years toiling as a fine artist, and out of work actor in New York and L.A. - I've always wanted to be a part of storytelling, and would use my background in fine art as well retail window dressing to help my friends design their apartments. I did it just for fun because I thought, "Who would pay for this?" A close friend in the TV world who's apartment I just finished decorating said, "People in the TV design world would." I resisted for about two years because at the time I believed that I could only tell stories through fine art, theater, and film. I didn't realize that the biggest story being told is in the way we live.

Eventually, he and his wife wore me down. Since then, I’ve done more than 10 series and specials on networks like TLC, LIFETIME, STYLE & HGTV, and have appeared on The TODAY Show, GMA, CNN, TYRA. My background in fine art, theater, and set building served me well in this new world, and it wasn't long before the light bulb went off that interior design is just another version of storytelling. My experience in the world TV design was another form of training that I'll always be grateful for.

Creativity is not an exact science, so don't believe for a minute that you can't create. There is incredible power in the way we live.

Starting angelo:HOME has been a dream of mine since the wall-leaning days. It combines everything I love, and what I am privileged to do. Designing the collections and the artwork is a passion project from concept to market.

Thank you for visiting and looking around. 

Also, wallpaper has made a BIG comeback. I should have kept that extra roll of mallard ducks!

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