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Celebrity designer Angelo Surmelis has dedicated his life to making spaces both beautiful and functional. 

Angelo's journey began in a small one-bedroom Chicago apartment he shared with his parents. At just six years old, he would lean against the walls, hoping to make the rooms bigger. When that didn’t work, he took matters into his own hands by rearranging the furniture while his parents slept. His mother, concerned for his safety, tried to dissuade him, but his father recognized Angelo's talent and said, “Leave the kid alone. Every time he moves stuff around, the place just looks better.” And thus, a life in design was born.

From transforming a 1,000-square-foot California bungalow to designing celebrity homes, TV and film sets, and offering design tips on morning shows, Angelo embodies design.

Currently, he splits his time between southern California and the Midwest, doing what he loves most—solving design challenges and helping clients turn their houses into homes.

Whether you're:

— Looking for a personal consultation?
FEE: $200/hr (video call, or in-person within a 25 mile radius of 90027)

Angelo's process involves discovering not only your style but also how to maximize it to create a truly personal and unique home. Unsure about your style? No worries—Angelo can help you find it, create a suitable budget, and develop a clear plan so you can embark on your new design adventure with confidence.

— Needing expert advice on how to stage and prep a home for a top dollar sale?
FEE: Based on size of project

Angelo is a master of THE EDIT, using what people have to make the most of a space. His realtor clients always get more offers when he works his magic.

— Moving into a new home and struggling to make things work?
FEE: Based on size of project

Furnishing and styling a new place can be both exciting and overwhelming. Let Angelo give you a plan on how best to do that, whether you need all new stuff, are working with existing furnishings, or a bit of both. He’ll help you create the perfect home for you.

— Dealing with a renovation project?
FEE: Based on size of project

Renovations are A LOT. Let Angelo take away the guesswork, the choices, and the headaches, all while saving you money in the long run and helping you create the home of your dreams.

Angelo will not only understand your unique challenges but also help you create the best design solutions that work within your specific budget.