Naya Rivera

Naya Rivera InStyle Magazine Angelo Surmelis Working with Naya Rivera, on designing her home, was the perfect example of my belief that everyone wants the same thing when it comes to how they live---a comfortable, beautiful place to come home to that reflects the best of their life.

My design advice to all my clients is always, "Let's find a way to tell YOUR story through design."

Each space I design is personal and always about the people that live in it.

She was a dream client.

She knew what she wanted her home to feel like. She had definite ideas about style and aesthetic, but was not afraid to get out of the way of letting the design process roll out and surprise her a little bit.

Naya was also conscious of making sure that what we were looking at was more than just pretty. I love that. It was just as much about functionality and as it was about looking good.

She wanted a home that felt relaxed, casual and with a touch of sophistication.

And, like any design project, I'm not happy till my client is thrilled with the results.

A BIG thanks to Naya and her Family for being a class act. I love my job.



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